Une histoire de passion

L'Art de Vivre à la française
Hervé Baume, art de vivre dans l’excellence

Since 1974, Hervé Baume has been offering one of the finest collections of wrought iron outdoor and indoor furniture (chairs, armchairs, tables, lounges & pool beds), a harmonious synthesis of timeless forms, tradition and craftsmanship, enhanced by a series of crystal accessories and a range of uniquely designed plant troughs.

"Our ambition: to bring together tradition and modernity to promote the French art of living throughout the world." Jean-Philippe VESSON, CEO Hervé Baume

D’un antiquaire dans son jardin …

The antiques trade is a story of encounters and objects that led Hervé Baume from Paris to Avignon. After opening his antiques shop in 1973, fascinated by 19th-century garden furniture, he decided to produce his first armchair with the “Ville d’Avray” model, his mascot. He then added a stool and a “moulded wood” candle jar (crystal moulded by mouth in a wooden mould) and, piece by piece, he has now built up an extensive catalogue of models and variations. While Hervé Baume feels the need to be part of a certain movement in interior design, more than anything else he wants to retain his identity; he wants to be able to work at his own pace, whether he’s studying his garden prototypes, or hunting with his sure hand and his beautiful intuition for objects. For more than 40 years, Hervé Baume has become a recognised brand in its market niche, admittedly confidential but praised for the quality of its products.

… à une Maison de Luxe qui sublime l’art de vivre à la française !

At the start of 2020, Hervé Baume is giving himself a second lease of life with a new team at the helm. Their ambition? To make Hervé Baume a leading brand in France and internationally, in keeping with its founding spirit: a harmonious synthesis of timeless shapes, tradition and expertise, enhanced by a touch of modernity. The concept is winning over customers, and one project follows another. The momentum spread around the world. The story continues!

The aim: to make Hervé Baume a leading brand in France and internationally, in keeping with the spirit of the founder, by focusing on the sublimation of the French art of living, the quality of the materials and the precision of the lines and designs. Outdoor and indoor ranges (chairs, armchairs, tables, pool beds), enhanced by crystal accessories and planters.




Art de vivre

The quality of the workmanship is at the heart of the project.

Our integrated manufacturing workshop, located in the heart of Provence, enables us to guarantee our high standards of quality. 100% made in France.